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  1. CloudFlare launches free DNS service for Windows and macOS, gets slammed for blocking key sites

    CloudFlare has released a version of its DNS service for families and the company announced that its WARP VPN is coming to Windows and macOS.
  2. How to watch Tales from the Loop: stream the new Amazon show online anywhere

    Small-town mystery series is sci-fi with a difference. Watch Tales from the Loop - stream every episode online no matter where in the world you are.
  3. How to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 18 online from anywhere

    Get ready for another large dose of drama. Watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians from anywhere in the world.
  4. Resident Evil 3 PC performance: the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 is undead

    Resident Evil 3 is a re-imagination of one of our favorite horror games, and it looks brand new. But, there's a heavy performance tax for those beautiful visuals.
  5. The Last of Us 2 release date, trailers, news and rumors

    It's only a few months until we get our hands on Naughty Dog's The Last of Us 2.
  6. Working from home during a global pandemic: Q&A with TeamViewer

    We spoke with the president of TeamViewer Americas to learn more about how the company is dealing with the ongoing crisis.
  7. Best Mac 2020: the best Macs to buy this year

    We weigh the pros and cons of Apple's best Mac desktops and laptops, from Mac mini to the MacBook Pro.
  8. Best rugged tablets of 2020: Water resistant, drop-proof and shockproof slates

    Want to know the best rugged tablet you can buy right now? We list the ultimate choices.
  9. Apple sale: the 13-inch MacBook Air gets a $200 price cut

    B&H Photo Video is discounting a number of Apple products which include a $200 price cut on the 13-inch MacBook Air.
  10. Best touchscreen laptops 2020: the best touchscreen laptops we've tapped this year

    Phablets might be the biggest craze, but if you want to do more with your touchscreen, then a laptop is the smart buy and we've rounded up the best.
  11. Best computer speakers 2020: the best audio systems for your PC

    Whether you’re a gamer, music producer, movie maker, or Netflix binger, you’re going to want the best computer speakers and we’ve picked out the best.
  12. Why the legacy of this crisis will be a positive change to the way we work

    Necessity could lay the groundwork for future opportunity.
  13. FCC may open up new bandwidth for Wi-Fi 6E devices

    By opening the 6GHz band for unlicensed Wi-Fi use, new Wi-Fi 6E devices could take advantage of over 1,200MHz of additional bandwidth.
  14. iPad deal alert: the latest model Apple iPad gets an $80 price cut

    A fantastic deal on the latest model Apple iPad, you can score an $80 price cut on the 10.2-inch iPad.
  15. The Last of Us 2 delayed indefinitely due to ‘logistical concerns’

    The Last of Us Part II won’t make its May 29 launch date due to logistical concerns, Sony announced today.
  16. Coronavirus became the catalyst for remote working. Here's what to do now

    Working remotely means not just being organized, but being both supportive and communicating regularly with employees, as well as taking their health and safety into consideration.
  17. Finished Tiger King? 7 shows you should watch next on Netflix and Amazon Prime

    Some documentaries and other shows to watch after you've seen Tiger King, the current Netflix smash hit.
  18. IBM Watson can answer all your coronavirus questions

    IBM is combining Watson Assistant and Watson Discovery to form IBM Watson Assistant for Citizens which will be available for free for 90 days.
  19. LG's 48-inch OLED TV is coming – but it needs to be cheaper

    After an affordable LG OLED TV? The company's first 48-inch OLED model isn't it – yet.
  20. Apex Legends gets duos mode and map rotation permanently from next week

    Plus, The Old Ways event brings a Bloodhound-branded takeover to the battle royale smash.
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