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  1. This Windows security attack can take down your antivirus

    A new case of Windows Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver attacks was seen in the wild.
  2. New Netflix movies: the biggest films recently added to the streamer

    We round up the standout new Netflix movies that have just landed on the streamer.
  3. Google Chrome is about to make some changes that will really make Apple mad

    Apple requires that browsers on its iOS platform use WebKit, but that hasn’t stopped Google from testing Blink anyway.
  4. 'Irresistibly energetic': first Ant-Man 3 reactions say it's 'Star Wars meets the MCU'

    The first reactions for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania have arrived – and it sounds like an epic Marvel sci-fi movie.
  5. Safer Internet Day: how to keep your kids safe online

    On the occasion of the 2023 Safer Internet Day, experts share some tips on how to make your children's online life safer.
  6. Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S: which Xbox is right for you?

    The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are Microsoft's current-gen flagships, but which is right for you?
  7. Wordle today - hints, clues and answer for game #598, Tuesday, February 7

    Looking for hints for today's Wordle? We can help. Plus the solution to yesterday's Wordle and past answers.
  8. KEF's new Dolby Atmos speakers include an 'acoustic black hole' for better sound

    KEF’s impressive new R Series speakers bring audiophile-grade sound to your home – but they aren’t cheap.
  9. Microsoft is holding a surprise event and it might be about Bing and ChatGPT

    Microsoft is inviting a select group of media and analysts for exclusive hands-on experiences with... well, we don't know.
  10. Elon Musk says Twitter API will be free but only for bots making "good content"

    New API rules are being changed after receiving unusual feedback, but the paid tier is still launching February 9.
  11. Google's Bard is a ChatGPT rival that could change the way we use Search

    Google has announced Bard, a potentially transformative ChatGPT rival that'll be released to the public within weeks.
  12. Dashlane has made its mobile source code available to everyone

    Top password manager Dashlane has made its iOS and Android app codes downloadable from GitHub.
  13. Atlassian patches serious Jira authentication flaw

    The vulnerability allows threat actors to impersonate people and gain access to a Jira Service Management instance
  14. Over a thousand Redis servers hijacked to mine crypto

    Default settings allowed crooks easy access to roughly 1,200 Redis servers.
  15. Dell reveals major job cuts as PC sales fall

    A troubling fourth quarter to 2022 has seen Dell needing to turn to large-scale layoffs to cover costs.
  16. Presidents' Day TV sales 2023: today's best early deals

    Presidents' Day TV sales are almost here, and we have all the best early deals from Best Buy, Amazon, Samsung, and more.
  17. This hot new crypto release could actually just be a huge scam

    Dingo Token transaction fees suddenly spiked to 99%, thanks to a backdoor installed by the project owners, researchers say.
  18. Super Bowl LVII will screen in 4K and Dolby Vision, but only on Comcast Xfinity

    Dolby Vision HDR has come to TV sports, but limited distribution means watching it in that format won't be easy.
  19. The Samsung Galaxy S23 will miss out on this unsung Android feature

    The new Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone line once again don't support the helpful Android feature seamless updates.
  20. Xbox is using AI and Minecraft to teach kids about internet safety

    Xbox is continuing its push for internet safety and education with the single-player Minecraft game Privacy Prodigy.
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