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  1. Netflix could introduce exclusive ‘N-Plus’ service with extra features

    Netflix wants to know if users would like a new service featuring behind-the-scenes content, user-curated playlists and podcasts.
  2. Google goes Apple way - Tells developers to reveal info on data collection

    Google is creating a new safety section in its mobile app store to let Android users see what data developers collect about them and share, plus give access to additional privacy and security information.
  3. Canon reportedly making first-ever tilt-shift autofocus lens for mirrorless

    Two tilt-shift lenses are rumored to be coming at the end of the year, possibly with autofocus capabilities.
  4. Serious Qualcomm security flaw could have affected millions of phones

    Qualcomm MSM vulnerability could have allowed attackers to access Android users' SMS messages and phone conversations.
  5. IBM just made the first 2nm processor, but don't expect a 2nm gaming CPU any time soon

    IBM has just made the world's first functioning 2nm processor, but what does that mean for our precious gaming PCs and Ultrabooks?
  6. Google will soon make two-factor authentication mandatory

    Google is commemorating World Password Day by adding further protection to its users' passwords.
  7. PS5 restock: Walmart, Best Buy just took everyone by surprise – when to get it next

    Track the next PS5 restock dates with our experts who know when and where the Sony console will be back in stock this week.
  8. Intel's new gaming graphics card is 'right around the corner'

    An Intel employee this week Tweeted our the DG2, Intel's upcoming discrete graphics card for gamers
  9. Microsoft Edge is getting new security improvements on Windows 10

    New security features will protect users when browsing the web and when using Edge's password manager to autofill passwords.
  10. Memorial Day TV sales 2021: what to expect and the deals happening now

    The Memorial Day TV sales event is almost here, so we've rounded up the best deals happening now and everything else you need to know.
  11. The MacBook Pro M1 gets $150 slashed off price in epic deal at Amazon

    A fantastic deal, Apple's MacBook Pro M1 is on sale at a record-low price of $1,149 at Amazon.
  12. Battlegrounds Mobile India download, launch date and latest news

    PUBG Mobile is coming back to India as Battlegrounds Mobile India. Here’s how to download it, release date, differences and other information.
  13. What the FLoC? A look at Google's alternative to cookies

    Google is trialling its first alternative to tracking cookies.
  14. Demeo is tabletop gaming for the D&D curious and one of the best VR games yet

    Demeo’s stripped back approach to tabletop RPGs is a match made in heaven for virtual reality.
  15. Best instant camera 2021: the 10 best retro cameras for instant fun

    Looking for the best instant camera? Whether you're looking for retro nostalgia or family fun, these are the finest around.
  16. No, your Microsoft Teams free account isn't about to be deleted

    Microsoft Teams admins raised alarm following email from the company warning of shutdown.
  17. Crypto mining ban considered in New York following environmental concerns

    Ban on crypto mining could set precedent for other states to follow.
  18. 5 best gaming TVs for PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch

    Hunting for the best gaming TV? Here are the top-tier options to give you the edge on the competition in 2021.
  19. Microsoft Build 2021: everything you need to know about the developer conference

    Microsoft has officially revealed the details of its annual Build 2021 developer conference, which once again will be an online affair. Here’s what you need to know.
  20. These super cheap iPad Pro deals just went below £600 at Amazon

    iPad Pro deals just got super cheap at Amazon, with the 11-inch model now available for under £600.
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